S Primrose
2 min readSep 17, 2021


“Shelley”, they call when they want me to come,

for a walk, in the car, for some food I will run.

But mostly I sit in a lap on my bum,

keeping my people cat free just for fun.

That cat I do growl when it sniffs at my bowl,

and chase I will try, and at it I will howl.

What good are they for but a meaningful chase?

It’s me; I’m the one with the beautiful face.

Rrraaarrrwl! I yawn as I wake from my slumber,

I stretch and I rub my people and go under,

their feet in the kitchen as I ask for more food,

No wait! There’s the dog’s, I’ll eat that, It’ll be good.

I’m sprung as I chew on a mouthful of fish,

the dog, with teeth baring, comes at me and dish,

I jump on the bench, lick my whiskers and swish,

my tail at that dog. Come get me! You wish!

My pets, of one another, they are horribly jealous.

Fight, bite, scratch, bark, snarl, claw and glare at as well as,

cause havoc throughout our harmonious home,

I wish they’d be friends now, all arguments gone.

Awh! Come on now, you two, you quarrelsome pets,

be nice and I’ll pat you and stroke you, you bet.

No more biting and scratching and snarling my friends,

we’ll go walking, sunbathing and playing, no end.



S Primrose

A dreamer, an artist, a teenager in the body of a middle aged woman. I fight life's challenges every day. https://www.instagram.com/optimysticsuze/